Stress is here to stay and the primal need for comfort endures. The Softspot can help!

For circumstances that require us to "get a grip,"
whether they are external
or within ourselves, a handheld SoftSpot is a tactile sensor that can aid in achieving a calm, creative, meditative and therapeutic state through progressive muscle relaxation. 

When physical stress on your hands is part of a day’s work, stimulate your hands with a SoftSpot. Clasp the durable and resistant outer contours of the SoftSpot in the palm of your hand while pressing against its soft inner center with your fingers. It relaxes tension in the hands and forearms and reduces stress-induced tension in the body.   
In any professional environment where deadlines, large sums of money, and substantial creative and technical pressures are involved, the contrasting resistant and yielding feel of a SoftSpot can diminish stress and connect you to a reassuring sense of your own potential to help you get a grasp on it all. 

In situations where frustration, anger, or disputes are triggered, clutching and holding onto the contrasting textures of a SoftSpot can help dissipate negative emotions and restore a sense of calm. It's the modern form of the centuries-old "worry bead."

In social settings when anxiety, awkwardness, or shyness might occur, the SoftSpot’s original appearance and unique feel can provide a touching social solution. Translucent blue or red SoftSpots are good conversation pieces, and could be used as icebreakers. 
The SoftSpot is a comforting travel companion, whether you're commuting between home and work, or traveling between countries and continents. Small enough to fit into your pocket, and less than 6 ounces in weight, the SoftSpot can always be close at hand to transform a stressful transit into a more soothing  experience.

Reestablish a sense of well-being with your SoftSpot.
Use a SoftSpot instead of snacking on junk food, biting your nails, or reaching for a cigarette during downtime: while watching TV, reading a book, checking your personal email or attending a sports event.

Having a moment of boredom as you look out the window, or
in need of inspiration? 
Manipulate the hard part of your SoftSpot
in natural light and rediscover the colors of your surroundings reflected in the soft center.  
While undergoing root canal, implant surgery, or any other dreaded dental procedures, grasp the SoftSpot’s hard outer contour in the palm of your hand and press against the soft center with the balls of your fingers. It's a far better remedy than clutching the arm of the dental chair.

In this era of stress the SoftSpot is a talisman that works like a charm. SoftSpot combines hardness and softness, resistance and resilience, opacity and translucence. SoftSpot allows you to grasp these contradictory aspects of the human condition in the palm of your hand.  The effect is relief and comfort, a tactile awareness that "such is life and I can handle it."

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