Softspot Touchables

SoftSpots offer an out of this world experience in the palm of your hand. Unique in design and appearance, the SoftSpot gives you a new way to "get a grip" on the inevitable hassles and tensions of everyday life.

SoftSpot yields and resists in one press of the fingers.

Firm and pliant, visually appealing and functional:?br> Softspot provides physical and psychological relief in one pleasurable touch.

Ideal for home or office and everywhere in between. Use it anytime, anywhere, like a worry bead or a talisman.?/p>

Available in two shapes and colors to suit your individual needs.

Modified Oval SoftSpot

Features a shape that benefits those who want to feel something a little more asymmetrical in the palms of their hands. Ideal for smaller hands.

Classic Oval SoftSpot

Contoured for larger hands. Best fit for hands glove size 8 and over.


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