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From Teenagers...
The Softspot is awesome. I carry it in my knapsack and use it whenever I’m feeling stressed out.
-Jake in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This thing is great! I just noticed that I have had it in my hand for the last 2 hours! I love this thing!
-Bill in New York

A boy I have a crush on at college saw it and asked me about it. We’re dating now.
-Molly in Los Angeles.

I’m planning to give them as gifts to my parents so they can loosen up.
-Rick in Denver, Colorado

Junior Year at our High School is non-stop pressure. Almost everyone in my class could use a SoftSpot to help relax the stress.
-Kevin in Ridgewood, NJ

We’ve decided to give a SoftSpot to all our teachers this year so they would chill out, with no self-interest in mind, of course.
-Class of 2006: Boston, MA.

I’m a serious chess player, and my SoftSpot goes with me to all my tournaments. It’s my stay-calm-and-focused good-luck charm.
-Emma in Seattle, WA

My parents are planning a sweet sixteen for me this year and we’ve decided to give SoftSpots as party favors.
-Sophia in Rhode Island

As a college freshman at a large campus, my SoftSpot has become a great conversation piece, as well as keeping me calm when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the work. Everyone’s asking me where he or she can get one.
-Janice in Chicago, IL

The new college triumvirate: Laptop, Cell phone, SoftSpot.
-Peter at N.Y.U

From young professionals...

I’m at the computer during a large part of the day and use my SoftSpot to relax the tension in my fingers and hands. It keeps my hands in business!
-Marybeth in Phoenix, AZ

As a production manager for a nationwide TV series, I’m always dealing with deadlines and the usual glitches. When things get too tense, my SoftSpot really helps me get a grip.
-Ed in L..A.

While troubleshooting computer problems for the software company I work for, my SoftSpot helps me troubleshoot my personal issues whenever they arise.
-Marcy in Nashville, TN

Being a new teacher in an urban elementary school, I discreetly reach for my SoftSpot when things get out of hand in the classroom. When I keep my cool, the students tend to settle down more quickly.
-Rhonda in Philadelphia, PA

I’ve just finished university and have been looking for an entry-level position in the financial sector. It’s amazing how my new SoftSpot helps me stay calm, confident and focused before a job interview.
- Frank in The Big Apple

I’m in the Corporate Marketing Division of the insurance industry. After experiencing the positive benefits of holding a Softspot, I’m recommending it as the number one item for our 2006 holiday gift to all our employees, imprinted with our corporate logo, of course!
-Cindy in Omaha, NE

For someone like myself who’s constantly on the road for their work, the Softspot is a small item that works wonders on my nerves when I’m stuck in traffic and late for appointments with clients.
-Philip in Delaware

I’m a Mom who works from home. My SoftSpot sits right on my desk between the phone and my computer when it’s not in my hand. The SoftSpot keeps me company, and helps me focus on my tasks, so I’m available for the kids when they return from school.
-Caitlyn in Westbury, CT.

As a corporate attorney, I discovered SoftSpot only after I finished Law School. Wish the Softspot had been available earlier. It’s so soothing; especially when I’m writing briefs into the early hours of the A.M. My firm has ordered them as gifts for the paralegals and secretarial staff.
-Thomas in NYC

I was playing with my new SoftSpot at my desk in Silicon Valley and soon the entire floor was standing there wanting to know what is was and try it out.

I’m a pharmacist in an upscale Apothecary. The SoftSpot is not only a useful and original item. It’s also cleverly designed, tastefully packaged, and very affordable.
-Glenn in New England

I work in the health care sector and the SoftSpot is a “must have” item that could benefit so many people. I’m recommending it for the shops in the hospitals we manage, not only for patients but also for their loved ones under stress.
-Phyllis in Texas

I’m an executive assistant in a large New York brokerage firm. It’s a heavy stress environment. I use my modified SoftSpot to relax, and it works! I’ve ordered a classic SoftSpot for my supervisor and hope I’ll be up for a promotion!

It can get sort of lonely being a somewhat shy freelance writer for various New England newspapers. I took my SoftSpot with me to a local pub while researching a story in Vermont and it became an effective conversation piece. Made some super new friends, thanks to SoftSpot.
-Daniel in New Hampshire

I’m a massage therapist who works at a spa. SoftSpots are becoming very popular with our guests.
-Andrew in Florida

As a buyer for accessories, I find the SoftSpot is innovative in design and quite affordable. It’s a great gift item for our stores.
-Maggie in Nashville

From the 40 Something Population...

Juggling a career, long commute to work, and a household with two young children, my Softspot is always handy to calm me down and allow me to get a grip on it all.
-Pam in Connecticut

A great deal of our work involves being on the phone and at the computer. Manipulating a SoftSpot keeps our fingers nimble. It also helps us avoid snacking and gaining weight.
-Joe and Ida in Scranton, PA

I’ve traveled a lot internationally over the past decade as a consultant in the energy field. Travel today is one big hassle. I carry a SoftSpot in my pocket now and it really puts me at ease.
-Charles in Massachusetts

The job I had for eleven years was recently outsourced to another country, and things seemed rather grim. My wife gave me a SoftSpot, which has kept me calmer and more focused on deciding what to do next. It has also helped a great deal when I get frustrated. In a few weeks I’m getting my Real Estate License.
-Karl in Long Island, NY

At first my teenager called it a mid-life crisis, but I think of it as a positive career change. I’ve always wanted to become a school psychologist and am now back in college to prepare for that while continuing to work in sales. It’s a pretty stressful time, but I’m using my SoftSpot to great benefit, thanks to my fifteen-year-old offering it to me. Cool!
-Bradley in Minnesota

I go bonkers at the mere prospect of having my teeth cleaned, not to mention those long dental needles. Now I’m facing two root canals. I’ll just grip my SoftSpot instead of grabbing the endodontist’s drilling arm.
-Joseph in Newark, NJ

As a divorced Mom of grown children, who’s just recently started to date again, I’ve used my SoftSpot not only to calm my nerves but to “break the ice” when my date seems as uncomfortable at first as I do.
-Fran in Dayton, OH (no pun intended!)

I initially got a SoftSpot to help the stiffness in my fingers. I’m a happy camper, so much so that, as the House Dean at a Boarding School, I’ve convinced the Administration to order one with the school insignia imprint for each of our students. It’s a marvelous “worry bead.”
- Robert in NH

I’ve really become attached to my handheld SoftSpot. I’m planning to give SoftSpots as gifts to my co-workers, family and friends. They’re tasteful, aesthetic, effective, and affordable.
-Annie in San Francisco

50’s and 60’s...
We’re a large family and have ordered them as worry beads for the guests at our daughter’s wedding. We’re going to have our family slogan, “Forever Family”, imprinted on the outer ring of the SoftSpots
- Bill and Nancy in Virginia

It’s my new toy. I’m planning to give them as gifts to my staff. I’m having so much fun with mine.
- Keith in NY

My husband and I travel a lot and have been the center of attention when we start using our SoftSpots. Folks asks us “Where can I get one?”
- Barbara in Delaware

I’m old enough to remember the “pet rock”. The SoftSpot is so much more functional! What a useful, meaningful, and innovative corporate gift!
-David in Hartford, CT

70’s and up...

I’m still very active at 78, and the SoftSpot is something I use to continue keeping my hands and fingers flexible. On the train to my office. I hold the newspaper in one hand and my SoftSpot in the other. It attracts the young ladies!
-Harold in NJ

My daughter gave me a SoftSpot for my birthday. Not only has it helped ease my arthritis, but it’s helped me to relax my fingers as I finally learn to type on the computer .I’m having a grand time emailing my grandchildren who are scattered all over the globe. I know what I’m getting for my mahjong group this Christmas!
-Nancy in Baltimore who is 84 years young.

I was a tennis player in my younger days. When I grasp my SoftSpot, it magically transports me back to the court.
-Bob at 87.

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